Why You Don’t Want to Get Your Hands Dirty with Negative SEO

We cannot stress enough how much we oppose negative SEO. It may be true that everyone is trying to impress the search engines, often using manipulative techniques but a systematic attack on the competition website with an aim to earn them a penalty is a completely different story. Why? Because it is:

1. Very, very wrong!

You might say to yourself that you don’t care about ruining someone’s business or perhaps even life, reasoning that we are living in world of cut-throat competition and that sometimes it is necessary to take drastic measures to succeed and survive. And if this means bringing someone else down, that’s too bad. But do you really want to succeed using dirty tricks? Or would you prefer to become the best because you are the best? Will you able to sleep at night, knowing that you’re perhaps responsible for someone losing their job or business? Or ruining someone’s life?

You think you could? Now, think what if that someone with ruined business or life would be you. Imagine that you’re the #1 on Google. Your business is thriving and you’re living the life you have always dreamed of. Now imagine it all gone. Overnight! No, you don’t want that happen to you. It wouldn’t be fair. You see, it isn’t fair to do it to others either.

2. Simply put, stupid!

Everyone dreams about being the #1 on Google. But there is an obstacle. Or two, or three. And they just keep on holding those premium positions and no matter what you do, you can’t get any higher. At some point, you must have imagined how great it would be if they would go away. Somehow. Negative SEO promises to do just that. Make sure that your competition goes away and allowing you to “take the throne”. As tempting as it may sound, the use of negative SEO isn’t only morally controversial but simply put, stupid! Yes, that’s right. It is stupid!

If you can’t beat your competition even after you tried just about everything, you are obviously got something wrong somewhere along the way. But instead of trying to find a mistake you obviously made and fix it, you would be spending your money on removing your competition. Literally. Well, it may get you that #1 place you are dreaming about but do you really think that you will stay #1 if you have a problem? Or that your competitors will simply accept the fate you intended for them? You can be sure that they will do whatever they can to win back the “throne”. And they will probably succeed. In fact, we helped several clients recover from penalty. Completely! Don’t you think that it is a better idea to invest that money you would spend to win just a battle on winning the war by working on your own website?

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