What is Negative SEO Anyway?

A Hot Topic in the SEO Industry

Negative SEO has become a hot topic in the industry. While the vast majority of SEO experts reject it as unacceptable, others say there is a war online and that everything is allowed in love and war. As a result, you can find SEO experts who promise that they will help you get to the top on Google by employing negative SEO on your competitors.

How Negative SEO is Supposed to Help You Get Rid of Competition?

The goal of negative SEO isn’t to help you optimise your website to make it more likeable to major search engines. It actually doesn’t do anything for your website directly. Instead, it focuses completely on your competitors. The goal is to damage their reputation and earn them a penalty from search engines either in the form of demotion or complete removal from the indexes. And once they are gone, you simply take their place. At least, that’s the theory.

What Techniques Are Used?

Basically, negative SEO employs all the techniques that are strongly disapproved by search engines, most notably spammy links. The goal is to make the search engines “think” that a particular website is trying to manipulate them and subsequently, penalise the website. Other techniques may be used as well such as duplicating content and taking advantage of a website’s technical problems if having any.

Does Negative SEO Work?

Negative SEO is a very serious threat and it can cause a very serious damage. We had a few clients who were affected by negative SEO and we can tell you that it wasn’t pretty. However, we have managed to help them all to recover from penalty.


We strongly oppose to the use of negative SEO tactics for both ethical and practical reasons. After all, what if someone would do it to you after all the money and energy invested into your website? How would you feel? Crappy? Angry? Crying it’s not fair? If so, don’t do it to others either. But as mentioned earlier, there is another reason why we strongly urge you not to even consider using negative SEO to get the place on the world wide web you think you deserve.

Your website is ranked the way it is ranked for a reason. You have a problem somewhere. And instead of spending your money on beating your competition using dirty tricks, it is far better idea to invest your money into fixing that problem, whatever it may be. While negative SEO may temporary help you get rid of competition, you can bet that they won’t simply give in. They will hire an expert who will help them get back where they were and when they do, they will even be stronger.

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