Beat Your Competition Without the Use of Dirty Tricks

If you ran out of ideas what to do to improve your website’s ranking in search engine results pages (SERP) but don’t want to use any dirty tricks either in the form of manipulative SEO techniques or eliminating your competition with the use of negative SEO, you have come to the right address. We are experts in quality, ethical SEO which isn’t only approved but is also recommended by Google and other search engines and the most important of all, it brings results that last. But let’s get to the point. Listed below are the key three ingredients which will lead you to success:

Attractive design. Let’s be honest. There are many websites offering a similar service or products as yours. And there are new ones going online in the moment you are reading these lines. So if you want your website to be noticed, it needs to stand out from the crowd. You need an attractive design which immediately attracts the visitors’ attention. If it doesn’t, they will probably click that “back” button and check your competition which is something you don’t want them to do. But an attractive (yet user friendly) design won’t only help you increase your sales but it will also help you with SEO. If you manage to impress your visitors, they are more likely to stay on your website long enough to recognise its value. And when they do, they are highly likely to tell their friends about it either in person or by leaving a backlink to it on other websites.

Unique, interesting and useful content. Search engines are absolutely crazy after unique, interesting and useful content. And so are the visitors of your website. You are therefore recommended to start writing or hire a good writer to create quality content for you because it will bring you a double award. Firstly, search engines will automatically rank you higher for relevant keywords (be sure to avoid excessive keyword use, though, as it is disliked by search engines) and secondly, visitors who found interesting and useful information will surely leave a backlink to it, helping you both increase traffic and build backlinks.

QUALITY backlinks. We emphasised quality for a good reason. Over the years, search engines got a lot smarter and they can now distinguish between spam and quality. In other words, large quality of backlinks won’t get you anywhere. In fact, it is one of the most commonly used negative SEO tactics to cause harm to a website. If you want your website to be recognised as popular by search engines, you need quality backlinks from authority sites with relevant and related content. And since quality backlinks can’t be bought or come at a high price, we cannot stress enough the importance of attractive design and quality content. When you have both, quality backlinks will come on their own.

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