So You Have Finally Admitted Your Competition is Much Better Than You

If you want your competition to be removed permanently from the search results by using negative SEO tactics then well done on reaching an all-time low.

You must be very proud of yourself.

You have finally admitted to yourself that you are a beaten man (let’s face it, more likely man than woman). You have realised that you are not good enough or clever enough to compete with your competition. You have just realised that they are much better than you.

How sad you really are. Could this possibly be the lowest point in your career? But you’re angry, right? How dare the competition be above you in Google? The anger is eating you up. It’s so bad so that you have now decided that instead of competing fair and square with your competition you are just going to do the dirty on them by using negative SEO to try and get their site removed from the rankings and penalised by Google?

“They deserve it!” you say to yourself. Obviously no second thought is given to the impact this unethical act can have on a small business. I bet you don’t care that this might actually ruin lives? After all, you are hoping for the complete removal of the site from Google results pages right? No thoughts to the owners of the business? Their families? Children? No thoughts for the employees of that business or their families? No? I did not think so.

Well, even though this site is called NegativeSEO.PRO, we won’t help you in any negative SEO practices, but, and that is a big but, if you do decide to try and play fair, we will be more than happy to help you the right way. We will carry out real good quality SEO. We will show you how to improve your site to the point that people will want to link to it naturally so that your site will start to become appreciated by Google. No, this won’t destroy your competition, but will help you compete in an honest, honourable manner. No dirty tricks, no low quality spam, just good quality online marketing.

If you decide to go the correct way, contact us here:

If you have been affected by negative SEO in any shape or form, or, if you have done some low quality spammy SEO in the past (who hasn’t?) and now found yourself with a penalised site, please feel free to contact us for more information on how we can help.

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